Steel Paltform


Steel Paltform

Enhance operational efficiency at your facility by expanding vertically and turning overhead space into a work platform or storage area. Mezzanines allow you to gain the space you need without incurring the cost of new building construction or leasing. These versatile structures create new areas for manufacturing, storage, and offices "out of thin air."

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Space utilization has been increased by fully utilized the warehouse height;

◇Floors can be designed in line with the actual conditions;

◇The upstairs can be used as office and the downstairs as warehouse as a result of its unique structure.

Mezzanine Floor  Details Show

  • Upright & Beam

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  • Bracing

Mezzanine Floor (43)_副本.jpg

  • Floor

Mezzanine (46).jpg

  • Guardrail & Staircase

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