Selective Pallet Racking


Selective Pallet racking

Selective Pallet racking is the most widely used storage pallet rack, consisting of frame, beam and other components. The frame is assembled by uprights and bracings and beams are fixed to uprights by hooks. The height of each layer can be adjusted by 75mm, the capacity of each layer can be up to 4500kg. It’s convenient to load and unload pallets with goods on by using forklifts; Such forklifts as front-move forklift, balance-weight forklift, common forklift and stackers can also be used.

Pallet racking is an ideal storage system for all warehouse storage needs. Widely used in fields of manufacturing industry, the third part logistics, distribution centers and so on. Pallet racking is a good choice for High position warehouses and AS/RS System.

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◇ High loading capacity.

◇ The beam can be adjusted easily by 75 mm.

◇ Assembly structure, equipped with safety accessories, Easily to assemble/dismantle and change the broken parts not affect the other parts.

◇Power coating anti-corrosion.

◇Abundant accessories affix-parts.

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Upright and Beam

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Uptright Specification

Pallet support bar & Row spacer

Upright protector

Frame barrier

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