Why should Purchasing Heavy Duty Shelf?


Purchasing Heavy Duty Shelf is a great way to clear up some space around the home or a business building. However, sometimes a special kind of shelf needs to be purchased, because some items are just too heavy to put on regular shelves.


That's why there is such a thing as Heavy Duty Shelf. These shelves are made to hold a lot of weight without bending or tipping over. They may cost a little more than traditional shelves, but it's well worth it.


Heavy Duty Shelf is hooking structured,easy to dismount and install. It can be adjusted by each 75mm based on the goods height,and can load 800-3000kg/layer. Steel plate,wood plate,and MDF can be chose as the layer board.This kinds of rack is an ideal storage rack for small and medium-sized warehouse for its advantages of appropriate height, and convenience in accessing goods.


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