Types of Selective pallet racking


Selective pallet racking is any material handling storage system that stores materials on pallets in horizontal rows on multiple levels.


Pallet racks require the use of a forklift truck to load and unload pallets onto the racks. All Selective pallet racking, no matter the style, will increase the storage density of your warehouse, retail centers, and any other storage facility.


There are many factors to consider when choosing which style of racking is right for you:


Storage density required/desired

Building space, both floor space and height

Placement of obstructions like doors, support beams, columns, etc.

Inventory size and weight

Inventory accessibility



Selective pallet racking is the least dense and also the least expensive, and allows for direct access to each product at each shelf height. They come in two main styles, roll formed and structural. Roll formed racking is typically lighter and has horizontal load beams that are held in to place by clips, and are typically adjustable in 2 inch increments. This makes adjusting the rack heights very easy, but roll formed pallet racks cannot hold as much weight as other styles, and tend to be less resistant to impact by forklifts.



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