Do you know Pallet Racks?


Do you know Pallet Racks?

Pallet racks can be defined as multi-level structured units used to hold stacks of heavy pallets, which are a popular means of storage for literally any industry. A series of parts and components are fastened together in the form of shelving units to make the pallet racks. There are many types of pallet racks namely drive-in racks, push-back racks, cantilever racks and carton flow racks.

Drive-in pallet racks are made for a fork lift or similar vehicle to drive through. The drive-in racks are built strong enough to withstand forklift damage. Drive-in pallet racks also hold more loads, taking up less space in the long run. Items with a long shelf life and items that do not need to be rotated often are stored using drive in pallets.

Push-back pallet racks are nearly similar to drive-in racks. The difference is that push-back racks are made to hold up to double the capacity of drive-in racks.

Carton flow pallet racks are made to store pallets, as well as cardboard cartons. The next item is moved to the front using the conveyor system.

For storing large, cumbersome items, cantilever pallet racks are used. Long, flat items are stored using the cantilever racks. They are not only made to withstand the weight of heavy loads, they are designed to make it easier to place items on or remove from pallet racks. PVC pipe and lumber are stored using these types of racks.

In today's market one can find variety of pallet racks. Buyers can even order customized pallet racks according to their needs and availability of the space.


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