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Features and Benefits of Selective pallet racking

Release Time:2017-03-03

       Selective pallet racking Easy and direct access to every stored load.


       Labor costs are reduced because you only have to handle the pallet load you need.  There is no need to move others to reach the one you need, everything has its own resting place.


       Improved inventory control because every position is a one-pallet position making it easier to see what you have.


       Allows for load flexibility in regards to size, weight and volume of your loads. Height in between shelves can be adjusted to fit the size of your loads and wire decking can be added to accommodate non rackable pallets.


       You are creating and utilizing vertical storage space that was previously unused.


       By storing your product up off the floor and out of harms way, you are protecting it from possible damage.


       Improved facility layout and appearance.


Primary Components of Selective pallet racking are:


       Upright Frames


       Non-Seismic and Seismic Footplates


       Row Spacers

       Anchor Bolts


Selective pallet racking Available Accessories include:


       Column Shields and Protectors

       Aisle Guards

       Guard Rails

       Wire Decking


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